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Revealed: The 41 new UNESCO World Heritage Sites for 2023 - from a Viking-age fortress in

Mystifying burial grounds in Korea and Viking-age fortresses in Denmark are among 41 new World Heritage sites unveiled this week. The United Nations ' cultural body - also known as UNESCO - has expanded its list of protected sites to more than 1,100 across the world following deliberations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . World Heritage Sites are globally recognised buildings and areas of 'Outstanding Universal Value', which means they hold special importance for everyone. As talks are still ongoing, UNESCO may even inscribe two further sites today, while also expanding on the reach of existing areas like Madagascar's Andrefana Dry Forests.


'Massive fight' breaks out in Dubai Mall as Apple fans try to get their hands on the new

Thousands of Apple superfans descended on stores across the world today as the iPhone 15 was officially released. London , Beijing and Bangkok were among the cities heaving with crowds this morning, with many eager to be the first to purchase the flagship device. The launch comes just a week after the tech titan's highly anticipated Wanderlust event, which saw CEO Tim Cook unveil the Apple Watch Series 9 too.

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Amazon Prime Video users will see ads on shows and movies from early next year unless they subscribe for an ad-free tier that would be at a higher cost, the tech giant said on Friday.

Fathers can have a 'unique effect' on their children's development, according to experts at the University of Leeds.

One of the two researchers in Switzerland who did the test believe Google is being 'pushed' by the Kremlin to censor anything critical about the Russian regime.

A study conducted by researchers in Germany, has found a change in women's brains at a certain time of the month which could affect their appetite and desire for junk food.

London restaurant hosts bizarre supper clubs where brave diners are served invasive

Eating grey squirrels, signal crayfish and Japanese knotweed may sound like something out of an I'm a Celebrity Bushtucker trial. But a London restaurant is hosting a bizarre set of 'invasive species supper clubs' to see if eating these creatures may help stop their spread. Douglas McMaster, chef of Silo near Hackney Wick, is determined to transform alien species into delicious ingredients, in the hopes that other restaurants will follow suit. His thoughts come in the aftermath of a damning United Nations report which claimed the global cost of invaders exceeded $423billion (£345billion) in 2019, and has quadrupled every decade since 1970. It also warned that invasive species have contributed to 60 per cent of extinctions across the world, triggering a wave of concern among scientists.

Facebook staff hail their subtle redesign of the site's logo as as 'electric and everlasting' - although you may not notice any difference.

London-based dietitian Ro Huntriss recommended limiting coffee to two cups a day and completely avoiding some sweet treats.

Bats have mystified scientists for years due to their unique ability to live normally with viruses that kill or sicken most other mammals - and people. Now NY researchers think they could cure cancer.

iPhone 15 Pro review: MailOnline gets hands-on with Apple's new flagship smartphone - so,

After months of anticipation, rumours, and excitement, Apple's new iPhone 15 range finally goes on sale this Friday. The tech giant unveiled four new devices at an event last week - the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The top of the range - iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max - boast a number of impressive features including a new Action Button, a titanium finish, and a USB-C charger. But with prices ranging from £999 to £1,599, is it really worth splashing the cash? MailOnline's Shivali Best got hands-on with the iPhone 15 Pro to see what all the fuss is about.

If you're thinking of leaving X for good, here are the alternatives, from Meta's Threads to Jack Dorsey's Bluesky and Donald Trump's Truth Social.

NASA says Bennu is one of the two 'most hazardous known asteroids' - but also a learning opportunity. Its OSIRIS-REx returns with Bennu samples Sunday

Vegan salmon-maker Revo Foods hopes the product will curb global overfishing. The start-up says the fillet uses at least 77 percent less carbon than wild-caught salmon

Sheffield scientists found viruses living in the poo of exotic animals killed the bacteria within diabetic foot ulcers which are often resistant to antibiotics and hope their discovery will lead to new treatments.

NASA's James Webb snaps a stunning photo of a rainbow 'lightsaber' shooting out of a

Herbig-Haro 211 - which is located around 1,000 light-years from Earth in the Perseus constellation - is not actually visible in the image captured by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. However, astronomers know it is there because of the huge flows of gas and dust streaming out either side of it, showing that the star is growing. These so-called bipolar jets have been captured in unprecedented detail by Webb's near-infrared camera, allowing for extensive analysis which suggests HH 211 is just a few thousand years old.

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A team of marine virologists reported the discovery of a new virus in sediment 29,200 feet below sea level in the Mariana Trench which reaches nearly 36,100 feet at its lowest point.

Artificial sweeteners and ultra-processed foods may lead to depression, a study from researchers in Massachusetts suggests. However, experts warned there is not yet enough supporting evidence.

Researchers found two interlocking logs joined using an intentionally cut notch, along with a collection of wooden tools, at Kalambo Falls in Zambia.

Warning over toxic green 'mashed potato' foam that can kill dogs in just 24 HOURS: Pet

Experts have warned dog walkers to be on the lookout for a toxic algae that looks like 'green mashed potato' which can be fatal if ingested. Blue-green algae spreads in 'blooms' over lakes and rivers, transforming the water into a vibrant green colour and giving it an earthy or musty smell. But the substance contains toxins that stop a dog's liver from functioning, potentially resulting in death within just one hour. One woman tragically lost her beloved two-year-old pooch after he came into contact with the lethal substance at a lake in Somerset. One badly affected freshwater lake - Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland - is being devastated by the algae, which has formed uncontrollable blooms over the summer.

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EXCLUSIVE: I'm a former defense official who warned about F-35 safety and security

A former Marine at a Defense watchdog told that the Pentagon has know about software issues and vulnerabilities in the F-35 since 2019, but has not rectified the problems. Dan Grazier also suggested the missing F-35 likely suffered a malfunction, but a cyberattack is also a possibility. The $145 million jet went missing for hours over South Carolina when the pilot ejected during a training exercise and was found 28 hours later. Grazier shared that the software is a 'back door to hackers,' as it is a massive information network connected to the broader internet that can be accessed with the correct attacks.

It is deemed a 'National Geographic Moment.' Boaters captured rare footage of a dead whale exploding in the middle of the ocean. The event saw its rotting organs flow into the surrounding waters.

The US startup Neuralink wants to treat conditions such as paralysis and blindness by linking brains to computers with the help of microchips.

New AI technology from Japan has finally been able to translate chicken noises, which researchers say will offer a unique insight into the wellbeing of the birds.

New figures, gathered by BlueskyStats, suggest that more than 53,500 users flocked to its app during the past 24 hours, after Elon Musk threatened to start charging users on X.

Northern Lights will be visible as far south as Cumbria tonight: How and when to see the stunning auroras as the sun hurls a huge coronal mass ejection towards Earth

The dazzling phenomenon, also known as the aurora borealis, could be visible as far south as Cumbria, although it's best viewed further north, according to the Met Office. The display this week stems from a coronal mass ejection (CME) - a massive expulsion of plasma from the sun's corona, its outermost layer (depicted bottom right).

The Tasmanian tiger could walk the Earth again after going extinct in 1936 after scientists announced they recovered RNA from one that has been dead since 1891 - a scientific first.


A leaked internal document shows Microsoft is planning a revamped version of the Xbox Series X, along with two other new products.

Major UK methane leak is spotted from space: Satellite discovers plumes of the greenhouse

Imagery from satellite company GHGSat shows plumes of the greenhouse gas coming from a pipeline just north of the Gloucestershire town. The firm used its satellite constellation which relies on a form of spectroscopy to measure the absorption of infrared light by methane molecules (depicted top right). Methane is the main component of natural gas and warms our homes, but is also a potent contributor to the greenhouse effect.

The billionaire owner of X - formerly known as Twitter - fuelled outrage today as he announced that extra charges for all users are the only way to tackle bots.

Beer drinkers may want to get their money's worth of liquid by insisting on very little head - but this may come at a cost, shows a new study from experts in Fukuoka, Japan.

Elon Musk has said he will charge people to use X because it is the 'only way to protect against bot accounts'. The billionaire owner of the platform says users will face a 'small monthly payment'.

Complaints have taken X (formerly Twitter) by storm over the past 24 hours as users allege that the latest iOS 17 release has ruined their iPhone battery life.

The puffer jacket designed to beat the heat: Bizarre coat features a beer-powered cooling

When it's hot outside, the last thing most people would consider reaching for would be a puffer jacket. But a bizarre new coat promises to keep you cool, thanks to a beer-powered cooling system. Tiger Beer joined forces with fashion designer, Izzy Du, to create the unusual puffer jacket, which has been unveiled ahead of Paris Fashion Week .

Apple has quietly added 24 new ringtones in the iOS 17 udpate, as well as 12 new text tones. Here's how you can access the new ringtones on iOS 17.

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Millions of would-be holidaymakers from Britain are hesitating to press the 'book' button due to the sea of choice on offer, according to a new study.

A new study finds that humor is the best way to get a woman's phone number. Women were given icebreakers from men and chose a potential date based on how funny the joke was.

Three gene variants passed down from Neanderthals to modern-day humans makes them more at risk of developing a life-threatening form of Covid, a new study reveals.

How popular is YOUR birthday? Interactive chart reveals the most and least common days

Data from the Office for National Statistics ( ONS ) reveals a peak in births in late September, showing that more babies are conceived in the weeks around Christmas than at any other time of the year. In contrast, Christmas Day itself sees some of the fewest births, along with Boxing Day and New Year's Day. So, just how unique is your birthday? Use the interactive tool below to find out.

Elon Musk's X was hit with a worldwide outage. Issues appeared around 9:30am ET and were impacting the app and website. Users reported posts are not loading on the platform.

A deal with the autorotative regime in Saudi Arabia could help Musk achieve his ambitious goal of selling 20million vehicles a year by 2030 - up from just 1.3million sold in 2022.

The ice surrounding Earth's southernmost continent now measures less than 6.5 million square miles (17 million sq km), according to the US's National Snow and Ice Data Center.

The small hand-held machine lights up in the presence of the illegal substance if it's been soaked into paper or fabric - a common method for smuggling into prisons.

NASA's 'asteroid autumn': MailOnline delves into a trio of exciting missions - from

It has been billed as NASA's 'asteroid autumn' and involves a trio of exciting missions that could answer some truly mind-boggling questions. From offering clues to how life on Earth began, to unlocking the secrets of the solar system , k ey milestones for each voyage are due to play over the next six weeks. They include one rocket launch, a distant fly-by between Jupiter and Mars, and the recovery of ancient space rocks in the Utah desert that could contain the ingredients for life.

MailOnline reveals everything you need to know about iOS 17, including how and when to download it on your iPhone.

Professor Barry Bogin, a biological anthropologist at Loughborough University, claims a young person's emotional wellbeing is critical for preventing stunted growth.

Giant pandas are less active between December and March if their zoos are outside their normal geographical range, a study has found. They also display higher levels of abnormal behaviour.

Is treasure lurking in YOUR attic? The unexpected retro gadgets now worth THOUSANDS did a deep dive into vintage technologies up for auction, finding consumers can make a generous profit on products collecting dust in their attic. These forgotten gadgets included a first-generation iPod that is going for $60,000 and a 1996 Tamagotchi fetching up to $3,500.

The Norway-based Opera GX claims its new 'Fake My History' feature swaps questionable browser activity with a virtuous array of searches to give you a clean slate after death.

Lorna Winter, dog trainer and co-founder of puppy training app ZigZag, said owners who purchased dogs during Covid face another challenge - their pets are reaching adolescence.

Ohio-born Coyote Peterson filmed himself walking barefoot through a nest of fire ants for the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, to demonstrate what they're capable of.

Gigi Hadid has the perfect jawline, according to science - while Stella Maxwell has the

Gigi Hadid has a jaw angle of 141.9 degrees viewed from the front of her face. That is close to the 'perfect' angle of 142 degrees, according to researchers from University Hospital Ghent. Stella Maxwell, model and ex-girlfriend of pop star Miley Cyrus and actress Kristen Stewart, was rated highest for how closely the vertical part of her jaw matched the slope of her forehead.

A new NASA report says that the Navy's GOFAST UFO was 'most likely' just a conventional object 'drifting with the wind.' But their critics, including even UFO skeptics, disagree

Can you spot the difference between what's real and what's fake? Take MailOnline's quiz to see if you can tell which pictures are genuine and which are AI-generated...

Software engineer, David Freedman, has been crowned the world's ultimate Apple superfan, with a collection of more than 100 devices at his Kansas home.

Geordie Rose, founder of Vancouver-based Sanctuary AI , has created a human-sized bot called Phoenix who has already worked in two retail stores, bagging merchandise and cleaning.

The most annoying crisps to eat in public, revealed: Hula Hoops are as noisy as a vacuum

A study has revealed the most annoying crisps to eat in public - and it's bad news if your go-to brand is Hula-Hoops. These were found to be the noisiest crisps in the UK, with a crunch so loud it's the same volume as a hoover. If you're more self-conscious, the study suggests that it's best to opt for Skips, which were deemed the quietest crisp.

In an era of Netflix and instant streaming, it's easy to forget just how far TV's have come along.  But a new viral video from 1999 has sparked a wave sentimentality over the silver screen.

Many of us grew up learning about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Now, a survey has revealed the 20 modern marvels that have left a lasting impression on Britons.

An ex-Apple sales specialist called the iPhone 15 Pro just 'iPhone 14 Pro with titanium.' The ex-rep also blasted the new Apple Watch: 'same thing as the last four'

All of the northern states and some parts of the west coast will be covered in fall colors by September 25. The Midwest will be in fall around October 9 and the southern states will have fall till November 13

The weirdest studies of the year are revealed in the spoof 'Ig Nobel' awards - from research into the sex lives of ANCHOVIES to an experiment to explore whether there is an equal number of hairs in each nostril

Keeping count of nostril hairs and investigating the promiscuity of anchovies may seem completely unrelated. But these studies are among 10 others to win this year's spoof 'Ig Nobels', thanks to their ability to make scientists chuckle. Traditionally hosted at Harvard University, this ceremony is the 33rd of its kind, and sees genuine Nobel laureates handing out awards to lucky academics. The prize is ten trillion Zimbabwean dollars, which might sound like a huge amount, but is actually only the equivalent of 30p in the UK (40 cents in the US). MailOnline spoke with some of the wackiest prize winners of 2023.

Best Buys-The smartest way to shop online

Shane Parmenter, from Chelmsford, Essex, is the latest victim of the noble false widow, an invasive species of spider found in the UK.

According to Down Detector, the problems started at around 14:30 BST and affected users globally.

Scientists from Eötvös Loránd University have revealed why flat-faced dogs are still so popular despite their health issues - and say it's all down to their infant-like faces and personalities.

Just yesterday, the first ever fox-dog hybrid - called a 'dogxim' - was officially confirmed in Brazil. Now, MailOnline is lifting the lid on four other bizarre dog hybrid species.

Apple launched new iPhone 15 accessories and gadgets on its Store just moments after unveiling the new smartphone. Users are in an uproar over some of the pricing.

The newly unveiled updated Apple Watch Series 9 will be Apple's first-ever carbon neutral gadget that requires a simple tap of two fingers to work.

Spotify's Daylist tool has launched today, and updates multiple times a day based on your previous listening habits.

History has been made after New York doctors revealed a pig kidney functioned in a man for 61 days, marking the longest time a non-human organ has survived in a human.

Skygazers in the northeastern hemisphere will experience a once-in-a-lifetime show when a comet not see in 435 years will soar through the night sky. And here is how to feast your eyes on it.

Despite there being more than 3,600 emoji available, there are times when you can't find the character you need. But help is at and, as Google has launched a new tool that lets you create emoji mashups.

It's the idea that we can 'cosmically attract' success to ourselves. But those who believe in the practice of 'manifesting' are more at risk of bankruptcy, a study from the University of Queensland suggests.

The number of disposable vapes thrown away has quadrupled to five million per week over the past year, according to research from a recycling campaign group.

Experts from Forestry England say that the combination of a rainy spring with the record-breaking temperatures in June has paved the way for a 'spectacular autumn show.'

Chatbots, like ChatGPT, have outperformed more than 200 humans in creative thinking tests that asked the AI and participants to devise alternative uses for everyday objects.

It comes after a study found that ChatGPT , powered by artificial intelligence, 'performed well' in generating a list of diagnoses for patients and suggesting the most likely option.

Some of the most powerful people in America assembled in Washington, DC, today to engage in discussions aimed at shaping the future of artificial intelligence (AI) safeguards.

Whether you're training for a marathon or can barely run a mile, fitness experts have compiled a one-hour playlist made up of the top hits of the summer to help you get the most out of your cardio workout.

Scientists from DEEP have revealed plans to build a 660 foot-deep base off the coast of Wales, where researchers could live for up to 28 days at a time.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia surveyed more than 5,000 Brits to decipher what the average men and women's sex lives looks like.

The creatures, known as fairy shrimp, were encased in a thick shell for years until rainstorms drenched the Burning Man festival, typically a dry wasteland, and provided an optimal environment to hatch.

With the launch of iPhone 15 is around the corner, owners of older iPhones are bracing for their devices to slow down - but there are some tricks to counter the dreaded slowdown.

Offenders are using VR worlds such as the metaverse as a secret space for abuse, children's charity NSPCC warns.

Over 1,000 hypersexual ads were logged across Meta sites, including Instagram. 14 app developers placed hundreds more 'not safe for work' ads on TikTok too

The first spotless giraffe has been seen roaming the plains in Africa, just weeks after a zoo announced the birth of a giraffe that also lacked the markings that was thought to be one of a kind.

The epicentre of the earthquake, which struck at 23:11 local time on Friday, was in the High Atlas Mountains, 44 miles (71km) south-west of Marrakesh, at a depth of 11.5 miles (18.5km).

It was once hailed as the cheaper alternative to a Sky box - but the streaming market is now so fat that Brits face paying triple figures each month trying to keep up with the latest shows.

While many of us use our devices to cook frozen treats such as chips or chicken nuggets, there are a range of surprising foods that work an absolute treat in the air fryer.

A multi-university and industry team expects to start human trials on the overdose vaccine 'in early 2024' - and the medication spares opioid medications methadone and naloxone

Stargazers are in for a treat as the third Supermoon of the year is set to rise on the eve of August 30 at 9:36pm EDT and at 2.35am BST (start of August 31).

Leeds-based marketing agency, Boutique, tasked AI bot ChatGPT with predicting the plot for the 2023 John Lewis advert.

The meerkats were born at Blair Drummond Safari Park (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Busta, Missy, and Emmie were born at Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park to first-time parents, Cardi B and Biggie.

A huge ancient forest world has been discovered 630 feet underground, down a sinkhole in China.

The US is well into the 2023 hurricane season that experts predict will be 'above normal.' New data reveals the most vulnerable counties, with many of them located in Florida.

Kewin Charron, from tech repair company BackMarket, told these mistakes range from using 'always on' screens to failing to adjust screen brightness.

Alaskans were the most interested in 'Flat Earth' theories, Google search data shows. And New Jersey natives entertained 'Flat Earth' claims least, per that same search data

MailOnline lifts the lid on four animals that were born without their iconic stripes, spots and patterns.

The new AI-supported system is over three-times better at translating brain activity to speech. Its decoding rate, 62 words per min., is closest yet to normal talking speed

Experts from the University of Sussex recommend putting an 'out-of-office' email on, so senders know not to expect a reply.

The ancient crossing links a route between Wales and England from around half a mile upstream of Chepstow to the village of Tutshill in Gloucestershire.

More people have a close relationship with trees than feel close to their human neighbours, researchers from the University of Sussex have found.

A rap song made using AI that sounds like Donald Trump has hit No. 2 on the iTunes rap charts after being released in response to Trump's mugshot.

Japan has begun its plan to dump 1.3 million tons of radioactive water into the ocean, saying the water has been treated. But an expert said it still contains radioactive isotopes that can cause mutations.

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