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Sicily sizzles whatever the season: Its cities are wonderfully chaotic. But this sublime

On her visit to Sicily, Fiona McIntosh discovers the 'sort of wild, untouched beauty you'd expect to find in South Africa or Australia'. She explores the coastal region between the towns of Sciacca and Agrigento, before heading inland 'past silent hill towns and abandoned farms into the agricultural heart of Sicily' to stay at a unique hotel with a back-to-nature philosophy.


Train vs plane: Travel experts pit a British Airways flight against a 125mph Avanti West Coast express in a race from Manchester to London - and the footage is fascinating

Avanti's trains whisk passengers between Manchester Piccadilly railway station and London Euston in just over two hours. So is the plane realistic competition for such a short journey? Is the inevitable airport faff worth enduring? Travel experts at The Points Guy (TPG) decided to find out...

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Politics lecturer Brian Klaas is from Minnesota but has lived in the UK for 12 years. Here he notes the UK's 'tremendous strengths' and aspects of life there he finds endearingly bizarre.


From Big Ben in Peter Pan to the fairytale castle in Frozen: Disney reveals 30 real-world

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, The Walt Disney Company has opened its vaults to reveal a list of 30 locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa that have inspired its films and theme parks over the past century. These locations have been revealed in a series of photographs, so fans can compare the real-world attractions with how they've been reinterpreted by Disney's filmmakers and designers.

The United Nations ' cultural body - also known as UNESCO - has expanded its list of protected sites to more than 1,100 following deliberations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Lindsay Sutton finds that Upstate New York 'offers excitement at every turn'. Stops on her tour include the estate of Franklin Roosevelt and the home of a famous suffragette...

What the world wants to VISIT: Fascinating map shows the most popular landmarks in

On the map - generated using five years of Wikipedia page view data - country names have been supplemented by the national landmark that is most frequently read about on Wikipedia, in a bid to uncover the world's most 'wondered about' landmarks and attractions. Among the most popular landmarks across the globe, there are 32 cultural and historical sites, 32 parks and reserves, 26 ancient ruins, 20 mountains and volcanoes, 17 bodies of water, 15 religious landmarks, nine islands, seven modern architectural sites and two deserts.

Jacob Lucas, 31, reveals the key ingredients for an unforgettable first date. The 'Her Dating Coach' author shares his do's and don'ts when it comes to first romantic encounters.

Animal news blog Wacko Jacko has compiled hilarious images from around the world of pets photobombing some pretty magical family moments

Life's a French-Riviera-style beach in swanky Salcombe: Harbour Beach Club is the perfect

Louise Saunders checked in with her family, describing the setting as 'hard to beat' and praising the staff for helping to make the hotel 'the ideal beachside bolthole for families'. She writes: 'Any parent to a toddler knows that holidays with our little bundles of joy can be somewhat... challenging. The journey! The routine! The sleeping arrangements! But it's a case of sweet relief at Harbour Beach Club in the salubrious seaside town of Salcombe.'

Katherine Mackenzie, 43, has told how she was left stunned after going downstairs to find her pets had broken out of their enclosure and into her home.

As BA launches a scheme that will see the £100k training cost for prospective pilots covered by the airline, former cadet Hannah Vaughan sets the record straight on how to become flight crew.

I'm a modern-day butler and these are the dos and don'ts for laying the PERFECT dinner table, from the golden rule for arranging glassware to the biggest 'no-no' for the seating plan

Laying beautiful tables is all in a day's work for Royal Household-approved butler Daniel Prattley - and he's willing to share his expertise. Prattley, 50, has been a full-time butler since 2009 and works for a variety of ultra-high-net-worth individuals in luxury villas and grand estates around the world for several weeks at a time.

An Australian man revealed that his daily commute to work includes driving across a river filled with 600 crocodiles - and the terrifying journey frequently has him fearing for his life.

The Inspector calls at Schloss Roxburghe near Kelso. The property, once owned by a Duke, recently underwent a rumoured £50million transformation...

Head for this chic, adults-only all-inclusive in Lanzarote and you'll be sure to have...

Jane Knight checks into Secrets Lanzarote at Puerto Calero in the south-east of the island. 'This is not the kind of all-inclusive where guests wear a wrist band and mop up free booze at the eternal buffet,' she reveals, detailing how the resort is home to 'calm' swimming pools, an 'excellent' sushi restaurant and 335 rooms - but it 'doesn't feel anything like that size'.


In a new poll, nearly three in five (58 per cent) of those quizzed admitted they are currently spending more time at home now compared to before the crisis.

Shane Parmenter, from Chelmsford, Essex, is the latest victim of the noble false widow, an invasive species of spider found in the UK.

The world's 50 best hotels for 2023 named: A luxury Italian property is No.1, Claridge's

Twenty-one of the winning properties are in Europe, the UK has six entries and Asia is home to 18 of the world's best hotels - and dominates the top 10. Beach lover? Then note that Soneva Fushi in the Maldives (No.7 overall) is within 20 metres of a beach and is also named the Lost Explorer Best Beach Hotel.

For journeys around the UK the train is the most eco-friendly, often the fastest and frequently the most fun. But not always the cheapest. Help is at hand from Trainline...

A couple quit the 'rat race' to live off-grid and travel full time in their boat. Amy Cross, 28, from Nottingham ,and her partner, Wes Arthur, 30,  were sick of their 40-hour working weeks.

Airline 'lost' my suitcase for TWO MONTHS even though my AirTag locator showed it was at the airport (and when I got it back '£1,000 worth of items were missing')

The debacle began after Sarah Waite, 25, landed in Athens, having flown in from Los Angeles via Paris. She described the experience as 'horrible and traumatising'. It was the trip of a lifetime for Sarah, who travelled to Athens to pursue her dream of learning modern and ancient Greek literature.

Millions of would-be holidaymakers from Britain are hesitating to press the 'book' button due to the sea of choice on offer, according to a new study.

Deep sea explorers have obtained highly detailed images of three iconic shipwrecks from World War II's Battle of Midway in the Pacific Ocean including a Japanese aircraft carrier not seen since 1942.

All-weather wonder: Discovering that the world's biggest ski domain - which includes Kate and Wills' beloved Courchevel - is still a thrill-seeker's dream when there's NO SNOW

Carlton Reid travelled to Les 3 Vallees in the French Alps and discovered that when there's no snow there - it's a paradise for hikers and cyclists. He writes: 'Les 3 Vallées is a gravity-junky's dream. You can drop on two or three wheels or throw yourself off the peaks strapped to a parapente but with waterfalls, wildflower meadows, and a wealth of walking trails, it's also a hiker's paradise.'

The KlimaTicket is a 1,000-euro public transport pass - and the promotion gave one away to people willing to have a permanent tattoo of the word KlimaTicket inked on their skin.

The floating one-bedroom abode is currently docked at a marina close to Rockaway Beach in Queens and around an hour's drive to Manhattan.

All of the northern states and some parts of the west coast will be covered in fall colors by September 25. The Midwest will be in fall around October 9 and the southern states will have fall till November 13

Two holiday planes have crashed into each other on the tarmac of Palma airport in Mallorca. The incident happened around 9am and caused the wingtip of one of the aircraft to break.

The internet is awash with travel myths that can make the already complicated process of trying to book a dream holiday a nightmare. Frequent flier Gilbert Ott (pictured) is here to help...

A furious plane passenger who shouted 'I'm Instagram famous' at her fellow fliers has gone viral in a video. In echoes of the Tiffany Gomas saga, a new 'plane woman' is causing chaos online.

MARK PALMER: I served guests on a luxury cruise ship for a week... My encounters with the

MARK PALMER: I stand next to Thierry and listen to the Captain as he thanks all 107 guests for choosing Uniworld at the start of this luxurious Rhone river cruise from Arles, in the south of France, to Lyon, on board the 135-metre S.S. Catherine, named after the actress Catherine Deneuve. Sportingly, but with understandable apprehension, Uniworld has agreed to let me join the crew for what can best be described as work experience. There are 51 other crew and we're an international bunch, including 13 from Bulgaria, 11 from Romania, nine from France and just one from the UK. Two, if you count me.

In a Reddit thread, a fleet of travelers have been venting their frustrations with TSA by revealing some of the ridiculous items they've been forced to part ways with.

People from around the world have shared mistakes they spotted and Bored Panda collated the best into an online gallery. Including people who put a trampoline on top of a building

Wildlife expert Coyote Peterson is filmed letting 500 FIRE ANTS sting his bare feet, which

Ohio-born Coyote Peterson filmed himself walking barefoot through a nest of fire ants for the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, to demonstrate what they're capable of, with his feet receiving around 500 stings during the onslaught. The fire ant (solenopsis invicta) is tiny, but packs a punch, biting into skin with its mandibles, then stinging once attached. Fourteen hours after the fire-ant attack and 'pustules have come out in full force' over Coyote's feet.

Have you ever visited an attraction that didn't live up to expectation? Well, it appears many sightseers have been left unenthused by some of America's most revered landmarks after seeing them up close.

In a YouTube video, travel expert Jeb Brooks sets out to rank each carrier based on their 'ground game,' seat dimensions, buy onboard programs, cabin crew service and inflight entertainment.

Florida native Cici, a TikToker who works as a flight attendant for a 'major airline', made a video demonstrating how you can use these everyday items during your travels...

Despite common belief, pilots have a lot more to do in the skies after switching to autopilot, and one pilot has taken to TikTok to set the record straight.

Birds (and big cats) of paradise: Sri Lanka is best known for its elephants - but wildlife

Dominic Couzens travelled around Sri Lanka on a bird-watching tour. His itinerary included the Sinharaja Rainforest, where you can see all 33 of the island's unique bird species. He writes: 'This Unesco World Heritage site is a treasure trove (even the poisonous snakes are unique, making for a potentially impressive epitaph) that's filled with huge flocks of birds that are among the largest and most varied in the world.'

EXCLUSIVE: A treasure trove of postcards sent from Spain has just emerged and with it a fascinating glimpse of Brits taking their first tentative steps into the world of 1970s package holidays.

London was recently ranked the fourth most expensive city in the world after Hong Kong, NYC and Geneva in a cost of living survey conducted by data experts ECA International.

The ferry crossing between France and the UK is popular because it's quick and relatively cheap. But is it always cheaper than Eurotunnel - now known as LeShuttle?

Revealed: In 38 destinations around the world hotels are CHEAPER than Airbnb and Vrbo

The watchdog compared the cost of thousands of hotels - excluding five-star hotels - with 300,000 one-bed listings on Airbnb and Vrbo around the world, from San Francisco to Southwold, and found the price for rentals outstripped the average cost of a hotel in 38 of 50 destinations. Private rentals are almost a fifth (19 per cent) more expensive on average - private rental listings are £120 ($148) on average, compared to £101 ($125) for hotel rooms.

If you've been unfortunate enough to experience a flight delay or cancellation during the Gatwick Airport travel chaos, you could be entitled to compensation. Here's all you need to know...

Johan Lundgren said: 'Persistent staff shortages at Nats have plagued the industry and repeatedly let down customers all summer, having caused more than a month's worth of disruption.'

William's advice first appeared in an Instagram post viewed over 14,000 times. Here he also reveals if it's bad form to slide sunglasses onto the head.

Madeleine Bunting is the author of new book The Seaside: England's Love Affair. In each resort, she swam in the sea, ate fish and chips and chatted to locals, she reveals...

I'm an adventure photographer - and these are some of the incredible pictures I've taken

Josselin Cornou's quest for capturing epic pictures has led to him 'abseiling through canyons, jumping with camera gear above waterfalls, getting up close to volcanoes, [and] capturing Australia during a snowstorm'. The French-Australian photographer tells MailOnline Travel: 'I try to go out of my comfort zone and create photos that some would think are not possible. It's about going off the beaten path - with respect to nature, always.'

In a new TikTok, the 24-year-old athlete secretly films a scene at a US airport after returning from a trip to Europe with his track and field athlete wife, Tara Davis. And it's sparked fierce debate.

The men jumped out of the vessel - a so-called narcolancha used to smuggle cannabis from Morocco into Spain - as police who were pursuing them radioed to scramble response vehicles.

Making a splash! The extraordinary winners of the 2023 Ocean Photographer of the Year

The annual contest has a mission to 'shine a light on the beauty of the ocean and the threats it faces'. Thousands of drone and underwater images were entered into the contest, with a heartwarming picture of fish taking refuge under a turtle and a striking shot of a pair of playful humpback whales among those that caught the judges' attention. This year's winning and commended shots were captured everywhere from Mexico to Australia...

Ted Thornhill spent a week driving around Kefalonia and the tiny island of Ithaca. 'Road signs and markings seem to be a luxury extra in Greece,' writes Ted.

The river, which lies in the Peruvian Andes, has become something of a hit on social media, with one TikTok video describing it as something that 'doesn't feel real'.

The price of happiness in every country revealed: Fascinating map details the annual

Researchers have revealed the amount of money that citizens in 173 countries need per year to be happy, plus the salaries that'll keep Britons cheerful in 29 cities and towns. Any amount above these optimum income points 'has no effect on an individual's happiness', according to the study from foreign exchange provider S Money.

An irritated passenger has gone viral on TikTok for leaving a candid review mid-flight after being asked to complete an airline survey. 

A tiny studio flat in the 'heart of Notting Hill' which is so small the bed is in the living room is available to rent for £1,842 a month. The apartment is situated on Tavistock Road in London.

The ultimate guilt-free luxury stay: Inside Conca Park, Italy's first truly sustainable

Welcome to Conca Park, a four-star property in picturesque Sorrento - a spot beloved by the Kardashians - that has impeccable eco-credentials. In fact, with climate change an increasingly hot topic, this zero-waste hotel - the first truly environmentally friendly property in Italy - is blazing a trail for all future hotels.

Remi Gutteridge runs a social media agency. Introducing AI into the way she runs her business has enabled her to work from New York, Santorini and Corfu, she reveals.

A TikTok pilot has revealed that he is allowed two different types of sleep while he works. However, commenters seemed unbothered by the revelation.

Here William reveals what to do with the spoon, how to wrap the spaghetti around the fork - and whether it's OK to tuck one's napkin into the front of one's shirt.

Carlton Reid checks into The Tempus, a new hotel on an expansive Northumbrian country estate near Alnwick Castle, parts of which played Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films.

Six reasons why you NEED to visit Guernsey this autumn, from 27 stunning beaches to WWII

The second-largest of the Channel Islands, lying in the English Channel around 30 miles from the French coast, Guernsey offers plenty that's comfortably familiar for British travellers, served with more than a soupcon of Gallic flair. Less busy (and glitzy) than jet-setting big sister, Jersey, Guernsey averages a balmy 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) in September and 56 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) in October, so it's still warm enough for walks along the beach or island hopping to the car-and-crowd-free sanctuaries of Sark and Herm, while there are plenty of pubs and museums to duck into if the weather takes a turn.

Experiencing different cultures is part of the magic of travelling. But some have the potential to leave tourists scratching their heads, thanks to bizarre local customs.

Cameras equipped with censors captured the shocking moment in which a bear and wolf appear to team-up in order to ambush a moose and her calf in Alaska.

Discovering a secret corner of Lithuania that has the best sunset in the world

Jo Kessel, whose grandfather was Lithuanian, travels to the Baltic state to learn more about her family history. During her tour, she visits Lithuania's Baltic coastline, and finds that it's a 'gem that locals have managed to keep secret... till now'. She spends time in the seaside resort of Nida, which is 'glamorous without being ostentatious', and cycles to the neighbouring village of Preila, where the beach 'has sand soft as talc and surprisingly warm water'.

Organising travel insurance isn't the most exciting part of planning a getaway - but it can be the most important. Here are the dos and don'ts for picking the right policy...

Fit for a Disney princess! First-look images reveal the 'royally reimagined' five-star

Disney said in a statement that 'every centimetre of the interior of this legendary establishment is undergoing a complete "reimagination" - from the spectacular grand lobby to the luxuriant rooms and suites'. Future guests at the not-so-faraway hotel, Disney said, will experience 'a new luxury concept interwoven with beloved royal Disney characters both classic and new'.

Tthe flat has been converted within Wakefield's Magistrates Court. Tthe building's original holding cells in the basement are available as storage space for an additional fee.

England's best and worst motorways and A roads for 2023 ranked by drivers, with the

The ratings come from a new satisfaction survey of motorways and major roads by independent watchdog Transport Focus. The study quizzed more than 9,000 road users about their last journey on a motorway or major 'A' road managed by National Highways, with those polled asked to rate their journey times, the management of roadworks, surface quality, how safe they felt, the quality of the permanent signage and the electronic signs.

Marika Mikusova, who has written a behind-the-scenes book about working at 38,000ft called Diary Of A Flight Attendant, told MailOnline Travel that the British 'come on board in "party mode"'.

A woman, who is believed to be from US, asked Reddit if it would be inappropriate for her son to sit alone in economy on a flight that would likely be nine hours long.

This hot hotel in tropical Mauritius is hotter than ever thanks to a stunning £50million

Le Meridien Ile Maurice has it all: blazing sun, blue skies, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, sweeping views of the Indian Ocean... and the island's first and only snow room. James Draper braved the chill for 10 minutes as his Mauritian holiday drew to a close...

A fast-moving river of red wine flowed down a steep hill in the small town, near the coast of Portugal, after two tanks owned by Levira Distillery suddenly gave way on Sunday

For three years in a row, Bamburgh has been named the UK's best seaside town - and Skegness has floundered at the bottom of the table for four years running. We find out why...

Clare Mann tours the province of Pisidia with the Slow Cyclist Company, staying in guest houses and glamping in bell tents with proper beds and hot water bottles.

A marvellous minster: Exploring Southwell, England's smallest cathedral city... and

While exploring Southwell, Neil Clark learns that this historic Nottinghamshire spot was an important stopping point for dignitaries en route to York back in the Middle Ages. After checking out its 'magnificent' cathedral, he admires the half-timbered inn where Charles I spent his last night as a free man and explores the Southwell Workhouse and Infirmary, which is the best preserved 19th-century workhouse in the country.

While the species is native to South America, it has been spotted in Europe for the first time, sparking feares it could soon spread across the entire continent.

Ted Thornhill puts Jet2holidays to the test with a trip to the island of Kefalonia. The firm was rated by Which? as the joint-best package holiday provider. So does it live up to the hype?

The footage, recorded by co-founder Jack Croft, has racked up nearly four million views. Jack filmed the POV footage using a 4K GoPro camera during a busy Friday lunchtime.

You've been drinking tequila… all wrong! Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals that the 'noble drink' is not given the respect it deserves (and that's probably the fault of Americans)

Mr Hanson explains how you've been drinking tequila wrong in a viral TikTok video. He told MailOnline: 'Tradition in Mexico suggests that tequila is a noble drink.' Read on to find out how it's treated more respectfully in its country of origin...

It's not until 7.45am that I drag myself out of bed, throw on some shorts and a noisy shirt more suited to Hawaii than the Costa del Sol, and head for the battlefield.

These restaurants - such as Jumbo-tsuribune Tsurikichi in Osaka - store fish in tanks, with guests given fishing rods so that they can catch one for the chef to cook for them.

Costa del Classy! Marbella's 'New Golden Mile' of chic hotels and charming restaurants is

The 'New Golden Mile' is an 18-mile stretch of sand that lies between Marbella and Estepona. Mark Porter visits the area and reveals that 'money is pouring in for luxury developments here'. He bases himself at the newly opened METT Hotel & Beach Resort, a 'stylish' five-star property that proves to be an 'oasis of calm'.

Claudia Gualdi, Travel Intelligence Data Lead for Riskline, reveals how hackers could access your private emails or steal your bank account information when using airport Wi-Fi...

I'm a travel photographer - here are 15 incredible pictures I captured of one of the

Photographer Andrew Newey visited Zanskar, a hard-to-reach Himalayan valley region in northern India. Summing up the allure of the region, he says: 'In my opinion, it's the remoteness, staggering beauty of the snow-capped mountains, the generosity and hospitality of the people that make the Zanskar so special and magical.'

TikToker Rachel Rae claims she 'searched the whole of Paris' and found the most affordable restaurant by the Eiffel Tower. She said she paid just £25 for an evening filled with stunning views.

The best UK towns and villages are named by Which? Wells is No.1 - while Gretna in

We do like to be beside the seaside, but there are plenty of stunning British towns and villages to discover away from the coast, Which? reveals. It has named some of the best - and worst - inland towns and villages in the UK, drawing up a ranking based on a survey that asked holidaymakers to rate their experiences of visiting 94 inland towns and villages in the last year. Destinations were rated across seven categories, including scenery, food and drink, peace and quiet, tourist attractions, and value for money...

A picture of a female peregrine falcon swooping on a brown pelican while protecting her young, taken by Jack Zhi, has won this year's Bird Photographer of the Year award.

Keen on a high-flying life as cabin crew? Before you send your CV off to a prospective airline, pay close attention to the recollections of former flight attendant Marika Mikusova...

Angela Epstein explores Wallingford, where Christie sought sanctuary from the attention triggered by her stellar career, and finds that it's a 'special place to escape and reset'.

In the short movie, uploaded to YouTube by Patrushevs, two groups of reindeer herders are followed as a young girl and young man are introduced as part of an arranged marriage.

H2fly, a developer of hydrogen-electric powertrain systems for aircraft based in Stuttgart, announced that its HY4 aircraft completed four flights, including one that lasted for over three hours.

The awe-inspiring winners of a prestigious nature photo contest, from a shot of a

All About Photo (AAP) magazine's nature photography contest celebrates photographers who 'beautifully capture the essence of nature, highlighting the magnificence of landscapes, wildlife, and flora and fauna'. Twenty-five photographers have been presented with awards. They hail from 11 countries worldwide, from the U.S to India and beyond - here's a look at their incredible work...

Overbooking is not illegal and every airline does it to maximise its revenue - because there is almost a zero per cent chance that every passenger will show up for their flight.

This year London was declared the fourth most expensive city in the world. But what does that mean for daytrippers? Is having a great day out in the UK capital for peanuts possible? Find out here...

Step away from the well-trodden tourist track, swerve the coach trippers, explore the country's more secretive sights and seek the understated, unexpected and unusual.

Live the high life during delays: You don't have to fly business to be pampered at

Travellers have long been able to book lounges run independently of the big carriers. Simply turn up or, preferably, book in advance - peak-time spaces can fill up. There are many independent lounges in UK airports now. Here's our guide to them, with expert verdicts from, and

Thousands of holidaymakers were stranded when the systems at NATS went into meltdown on August 28, with a preliminary report into the root causes issued on Monday.

The Taylor family, from Wigan, made the decision after father Steve saw motorhomes while camping and began fantasising about quitting his job and going travelling with his family.

It is the first of 94 new Siemens Mobility trains destined for the London Underground and was built at a factory in Vienna before being moved to a test centre in Wegberg-Wildenrath, Germany.

The ranking is by Big 7 Travel, which generated it by analysing Blue Flag locations, beaches' social media popularity and the thoughts of its editorial team.

The FISH DOORBELL internet users can 'ring' to help marine life along on their migration

An underwater camera has been installed at the Weerdsluis lock in Utrecht. Internet users watch fish approach it on live webcam footage and ring a digital 'bell' to request the lock is opened for them. This year, internet users rang the bell over 105,000 times to help many thousands of fish through the lock.

Meteorologists say only about five observations of this rare type of lightning occur each year. The bolts were captured while tracking the formation of Hurricane Franklin, Aug 20

Inside a giant silvery orb located in Hardangerfjord - the second-longest fjord in Norway at 179km (111 miles) in length - is Restaurant Iris, which is only accessible by boat.

Andrew Harris checks into La Zambra, formerly the Byblos, in Andalusia and finds that it has been reimagined as a retreat that 'exudes zen-like peacefulness'.

Inside the incredible debut UK restaurant by a legendary French chef whose CV includes TWO restaurants with three Michelin stars

MailOnline Travel's Ted Thornhill snared a kitchen counter seat at Yannick Alleno's Pavyllon restaurant, set within the Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. He writes: 'It's a game-changer - artistry and a soupcon of flamboyance, but food that's filling, too. And the service? A masterclass in how it should be done.'

Ironically, despite the days getting shorter, the issue of sun glare on the roads is acute during September, October and November as the sun is lower in the sky.

If you're planning on visiting Turkey anytime soon, it pays to know what to look out for.  TikToker Aaliya Adam has shared five key tips to tourists which could save them a small fortune.

Traveller films the 'gruelling and exhausting' reality of climbing up 12,000ft Mount Fuji in Japan, one of the world's most photographed peaks

'Climbing Mount Fuji was one of the most challenging physical feats I've experienced,' says Jo Kessel, who went up and down the mountain - the highest in Japan - in just one day. She adds that she was determined to capture the 'whole escapade' on camera - 'sweat, exhaustion, stumbles and all'. Jo says of the mountain: 'The Japanese call it "Fujisan" and it's thought to bring good luck, which is a curiosity seeing as the mountain is actually a giant volcano! It last erupted in 1708 and, while still active, it comes with a very low risk of eruption.'

The shiny object is delicate to the touch, like skin tissue, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Disney Cruise Line unveils its brand-new ship, launching in 2024 - with features including a Mickey Mouse ride, an Aladdin-inspired 'grand hall' and a Zootopia sweet shop

Disney Treasure - Disney Cruise Line's sixth ship - is being constructed at Germany's Meyer Werft shipyard. The vessel, a sister ship to Disney Wish, which launched last year, promises to 'unlock the far-reaching realms of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel and embrace dynamic tales from beloved Disney Parks attractions, through captivating and immersive experiences on the high seas'.

On the weekend of October 7-8, York Unlocked will showcase 70 sites of interest, often with guides on hand. Andrew Martin was given a preview of six attractions.

A Canadian dad who slammed Disneyland Paris as the 'biggest money printing machine on Earth,' was also horrified to learn a soda doesn't come cheap - claiming he spent $45 on 3 Cokes.

Britons rank their top 25 quirky cultural experiences in and around Europe - and the

The Festival of the Giant Omelette tops a new 'bucket list' of lesser-known, must-see-and-do experiences that can be found across the continent, drawn up from a survey of British holidaymakers. Garnering 43 per cent of the vote, the Easter event celebrates the legend that Napoleon's army once feasted on an omelette in the village where crowds now gather to watch a giant 1,500-egg omelette being made.

No wonder they're sleepless in Seattle: Thirty years after the romcom put the waterfront

On his tour of Seattle, Peter Wilson found that the 'compact' city is 'now attracting more people than ever as it's where so many cruise ships head off to Alaska'. His visit took him to some of the city's top attractions, including Pike Place Market, the century-old waterfront hub that features often in the Tom Hanks romcom Sleepless In Seattle. Peter notes: 'With glittering water all about, Seattle is undoubtedly romantic.'

A Delta Airbus A350 had to return to Atlanta following to an unfortunate incident involving a passenger with severe diarrhea. The aircraft returned to base and underwent a five hour cleanup operation.

The next time a big storm is cited as the reason for your flight delay, try to suppress your annoyance - and be thankful instead that air traffic control or the flight crew aren't willing to take any chances.

I'm a Wrexham local - here are the top things to do in the Welsh hotspot, which has shot

Reynolds took over Wrexham AFC with his friend, sitcom star Rob McElhenney, in 2021. The team's fortunes have been transformed under the celebrity duo's leadership, with the Red Dragons getting promoted to League Two in April, ending their 15-year exile from the Football League. And it's game on for Wrexham's tourism industry too, with the allure of the A-listers leading to a surge in holidaymakers in the city. There's been a 44 per cent rise in the number of visitors arriving by rail since April, according to Trainline, and Airbnb has recorded a boom in Wrexham getaways over the past couple of years...

New research has revealed the 'hidden gems' that are proving popular on TikTok, with videos of the attractions racking up millions of views on the video-sharing platform.

'Mountains hold an air of mystery and intrigue.' So says Arpan Das, whose incredible photographs of mountains capture the essence of their mystery in spellbinding fashion.

The contest, which has been running since 2007, showcases the most showstopping images that have been captured on Apple devices around the world.

Tucked away in a forest in the Canadian province of Alberta, Charmed Resorts brings childhood stories to life through its life-sized fantasy cottages, pirate ship, and treehouses.

British Airways launches HUGE end-of-summer sale, with deals that include return New York

British Airways Holidays says that it is offering 'a wide range of enticing holiday packages for customers booking their flight and hotel together'. Those jetting off to far flung destinations in the Caribbean, says British Airways Holidays, 'can enjoy week-long holidays to Tobago from £599pp, Barbados from £749pp and Antigua from £719pp'. For European City breaks lovers, these start from £139pp for two nights, for flights and a hotel.

A prototype of Boom Supersonic's Overture, dubbed the 'Son of Concorde', has undergone extensive ground checks, including 'taxi testing', says the Colorado company.

Beauty of the Balkans: Billions are being spent on gleaming marinas and plush hotels to

Harriet Sime checks out one of Montenegro's latest hotel openings, Mamula, a 'beautifully restored' 19th Century fortress that stands on its own tiny island. The hotel is one of the 'exclusive developments' that the local government hopes will 'attract the world's biggest spenders' to Montenegro, she says. However, Harriet notes that 'despite all this new money', the country 'seems to have kept hold of its quiet charm'...

Inside the UK firm that makes 'the world's best travel clothing', from the LAVA-PROOF

Vollebak says it creates clothing 'that feels like you're buying from the future', with its range also including a jacket that glows (Brad Pitt owns one of these). Carlton Reid tests some of the clothing out - and is mightily impressed, describing the garments he tries as the best travel clothing he's ever worn.

Jay Robert has worked as senior cabin crew for Emirates and runs the popular Fly Guy's Cabin Crew Lounge network. Here he reveals the do's and don'ts of using the call button during flights.

In a new global study, researchers from Anglia Ruskin University surveyed over 56,000 people from 65 nations about their body image.

Inside the incredible 12-metre-high 'Wedding Cake' pavilion in Buckinghamshire decorated

'Many artists have the "impossible project" and this is mine.' So says Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos of her mouthwatering 'Wedding Cake' pavilion, the sweetest of architectural treasures awaiting visitors to Waddeson Manor in Buckinghamshire.

The Spirit of Adventure stopped in Fowey, Cornwall, on Friday, which is popular destination for cruise ships due to its strong Celtic connection, maritime history and literary involvement.

Kanye West and his Australian 'wife' Bianca Censori have been banned for life by a Venetian boat rental company following their indecent exposure scandal in Italy last week.

Lexie Alford, the youngest person to travel to every country in the world, says that some of the most surprising countries she has visited are 'off the beaten path destinations'.

Kate Wickers tours the isle by four-wheel drive - stopping off at crystalline lakes en route - and finds it offers 'one of Australia's best eco-tourism adventures'.

Thought Hiltons were bland? Think again: Inside a unique haven by the U.S hospitality behemoth on the French Riviera - with beaches that rival the Maldives just moments away

MailOnline's Ted Thornhill checks into Le Hameau des Pesquiers Ecolodge & Spa, which lies in the Port-Cros National Park, on a stunning double tombolo that connects the port area of Hyeres (a favourite holiday spot for Queen Victoria) with the picturesque Giens peninsula, with the paradise 'Golden Islands' of Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant short ferry rides away.

An Australian woman has shared her 'honest review of the Amalfi Coast' and why the popular tourist destination is 'not for the faint hearted'. 

An airline passenger's attempt to ease her anxiety by paying extra for a window seat turned into a mid-air standoff when a fellow traveler abruptly closed the shade, citing concerns over her eyesight on a daytime flight.

This 'Only Adult' area will be available on Corendon's A350 flights between Amsterdam and the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, launching from November 3 this year.

Tower's lowest recorded temperature was taken on February 2, 1996, with the thermometer giving a reading of minus 60 Fahrenheit. This also set a record low for the entire state.

You've been SITTING all wrong! Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals the correct way to position yourself on public transport - and the one thing you should never do...

William Hanson offers advice on the correct way to sit in a now-viral TikTok clip. He tells MailOnline Travel: 'So many people [man-spread] without realising - and not just men. People from all backgrounds and genders. It's very selfish and can make some people feel threatened - or annoyed.'

The village of Hallstatt - thought to be the inspiration of Arendelle in Frozen II, is to introduce caps on tourists following complaints that the village had become overrun.

A Canadian couple who sold everything and gave up their 'monotonous' life at home to live on a renovated school bus say they've saved thousands of dollars - and love their nomadic lifestyle.

From 'murder hornets' to midges: The insects that could ruin your holiday - how to keep

Have a bee in your bonnet when your holiday is interrupted by the sound of buzzing insects? Look no further as we reveal the do's and don'ts when it comes to dealing with bugs that bite or sting, according to experts. In this extensive guide of 17 insects around the world, professionals tell the MailOnline Travel where they are found, how they can hurt you, and how to treat bites. Understanding how different insects behave 'can go a long way' to avoiding nasty bites, says vet and exotic animal care specialist Luana Factor. How to repel them? Good quality insect repellent serves as protection against many insect bites as well as wearing the right clothing, sleeping under a net, and avoidance, bite prevention expert Howard Carter recommends.

For an extra £38-£105, adult passengers will have the opportunity to make their journeys in the child-free zones and enjoy a 'calm and relaxed flight,' Corendon said.

The service, called Eurostar Snow, will run from St Pancras International and drop skiers and snowboarders at Moutiers, Aime-la-Plagne and Bourg-Saint-Maurice.

Living on the Edge: Houses on Cliffs by Agata Toromanoff offers an introduction to an incredible array of buildings that 'seem to defy the laws of gravity'.

Leeds Castle in Kent was once one of Henry VIII's favourite homes, and in the 1930s, it gained a reputation as a country retreat for the 'influential and famous'...

Which? compared the prices of more than 3,500 holidays available from the UK's biggest tour operators to find the most affordable short-haul seaside destinations.

Tristan Rutherford learns that Sopot has had a 'South of France feel' ever since Frenchman Jean Haffner founded a sauna and beach cabins there in 1823.

Inside Darwin's dreamland: The creatures of the Galapagos Islands are oblivious to humans

On her visit to the Galapagos Islands, Claudia Joseph catches sight of short-eared owls and snorkels in 'crystal-clear' waters amid white-tipped reef sharks and Galapagos penguins. She writes: 'That's the joy of the Galapagos - getting to see nature up close and personal.' She sails on expedition yacht La Pinta for a four-night cruise around the islands...

Inside Casa Baglioni, a plush hotel in Milan that boasts beautiful bedrooms, a stunning

Carlton Reid checks in, describing Casa Baglioni as a 'sophisticated bijou bolthole' with '30 design-focussed suites and rooms'. The building that houses the hotel was previously the showroom for the German Phillip Plein fashion brand, before reopening earlier this year after an extensive and expensive renovation.

The shockwaves from the air traffic control IT failure are still being felt, with severe disruption to flights continuing today and throughout the week. Here's what you need to know...

Cruise ship rebirth: Crystal Serenity's owners went bust - but she's back and shining

Neil Darbyshire sails on cruise ship Crystal Serenity's first outing since her extensive rebuild. He reveals that the ship's guest capacity has been reduced to 740 passengers, which 'gives the common areas, lounges and restaurants a feeling of space and queues are non-existent'. He adds: 'The accommodation is bright and subtle, with fine attention to detail.'

Floridian flight attendant, Cici,51, has revealed how to use the most unlikely household objects to alert us to intruder, to help you feel safer whilst you are staying away from home.

Wild camping has only one principle: no facilities except those nature gives you. Your running water is a stream, your toilet is a hole in the ground (which you must dig), your shower block is a waterfall.

The UK's 24 best and worst airports for 2023 named by Which? - Liverpool John Lennon is

The rankings have been produced by a new survey by Which? that asked nearly 4,000 travellers to rate their experiences at UK airports and terminals over the past year. Respondents ranked airports based on eleven categories, including seating, staff, toilets and queues at check in, bag drop, passport control and security.

Grayson Perry's Hansel and Gretel-style house in Essex is now available for holiday

Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry designed the house in collaboration with architect Charles Holland. The Daily Mail's Kate Wickers checks in, declaring it a 'glowing beacon for British eccentricity and craftsmanship'.

'Sealvans' caravans, designed by a Turkish company, are said to offer both the 'possibility of camping on land and the pleasure of cruising'. They come in two sizes...

The summer holidays are here and paradise awaits for Britons - right on their doorstep. Here we reveal 50 spellbinding beaches found around the UK's spectacular coastline.

The MS World Discoverer cruise ship lies beside a tourist beach in the Solomon Island archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. She's lain there for more than 20 years.

Magical full moons, thrilling thunderstorms and eerie underwater chasms: The breathtaking

This year, thousands of images were submitted by photographers from 92 countries worldwide, focusing on themes such as 'landscape' and 'flora and fauna'. Pictures that caught the judges' attention were captured everywhere from the mountains of Canada to the rolling hills of northern Italy. 'The results have exceeded all our expectations,' the judges said of the winners and finalists...

Lasagne pies, a chapel that starred in The Da Vinci Code and surroundings used for

During his visit to the town (main), Rob Crossan visits a museum dedicated to Thirty-Nine Steps writer John Buchan, who spent his childhood holidays there; finds himself 'beguiled' by Rosslyn Chapel (top right and bottom right) - 'a batty place of worship'; and he checks into the Cringletie hotel (top left), a 19th-century castle surrounded by 'brooding woodland' where guests enjoy complimentary whisky and shortbread.

Areas of north-east Spain, as well as Majorca, were battered by 75mph winds and torrential rain over the weekend causing flights to and from the Spanish island to be cancelled.

The hypnotic film shows a driver's-eye view of a ScotRail train making its way along an incredible 42-mile section of the line from Fort William to Mallaig.

The incredible vending machine that serves cakes in CANS - with a travel influencer declaring the canned strawberry shortcake it dispenses 'genuinely delicious'

Travel content creator Maz Green, who posts eye-catching photos and videos to Instagram and TikTok to hundreds of thousands of followers using the handle 'Where To Find Me', found the vending machine in the Adores Shibuya arcade in Tokyo.

The ranking is based on research that used European Commission data published to identify the tourist beaches likely to be worst hit by rising sea levels and erosion.

Lonely Planet has printed 150million guidebooks - in 33 languages - about everywhere from Afghanistan to Australia since 1973. Here's a look at some standout covers...

The Balearics know how to party, but they can charm too - and nowhere does it better than

Will Hide found there's 'not an awful lot' to do on Formentera - but 'therein lies its charm'. His days were filled with bike rides, dips in remote bays and 'exceptional' lunches. Summing it up, he says it offers a 'perfect opportunity for a Mediterranean late-season holiday, far from the madding crowds, where you embrace your inner hippy and practice the supremely under-rated art of doing next to nothing'.

Discounts-The best offers from Daily Mail Discounts

I'm a modern-day butler working for ultra-high-net-worth clients - here's what has surprised me most about the job (and the one mistake you can NEVER make)

Daniel Prattley has been a full-time private butler since 2009, and works for a variety of clients in luxury villas and grand estates for several weeks at a time. 'I think of myself as a "modern-day" butler,' the Royal Household approved butler tells MailOnline Travel, pointing out that many still carry outdated notions of butlers being Downton Abbey-esque characters. Turning this stereotype on its head, the 50-year-old, who is originally from Devon in the south of England, shares videos on TikTok that document the reality of working as a butler in the contemporary age.

The Loch Ness Centre and the Loch Ness Exploration, an independent research team, will scour the waters for the beast using drones with infra-red cameras and underwater detectors.

Teresa strolls from Dartmouth to the fishing village of Hope Cove, covering 30 miles of the South West Coast Path, which is the longest walking trail in England.

Tempted by the idea of life on the road... but not ready to quit the nine-to-five? Give

Quirky Campers rents out unique campervans across the UK, giving holidaymakers the chance to experience what it's like to live in a home on wheels. Living up to its quirky title, the company has an array of zany campers on its books, available for rent everywhere from Norfolk to London...

It was here that Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor, and where Sophia Loren, Ernest Hemingway and Frank Sinatra came to escape the crowds.

Although flight delays and cancellations have become a routine part of travelling, Brits still show up hours before 'just to be on the safe side'.  A new study that many are willing to be extra prepared.

Flying is a stressful experience, and bringing an infant along is a sure way to add some chaos. One flight attendant has shared advice to help parents cruise through their next flight.

Inside Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's luxurious 1906 superyacht, which helped them

Named Kalizma, the 45m- (148ft) long vessel served in both World Wars for the Royal Navy before it was ushered into the celebrity world, hosting Taylor and Burton's A-list pals and members of royalty. It was refitted in 2020, with a statement noting that 'she has been restored in a manner that ensures her soul is unaltered and her heritage resurfaced'.

Best Buys-The smartest way to shop online

The Civil Aviation Authority revealed that one in three trips were delayed by at least 15 minutes last year. Delayed passengers could be entitled to free meals and compensation of up to £520...

Around 200 former passengers could join a class-action lawsuit against Carnival cruises after a norovirus outbreak caused widespread vomiting and diarrhoea.

Behold 'Soar', a striking 345ft-long vessel that its designers say was inspired by 'the elegance of flight that large birds of prey carve in the skies when they soar'.

Ted Thornhill checks into a suite at the hotel in the recently launched 'Pavilion' annexe. He is impressed with his room and the food at the hotel - the restaurant has three AA rosettes. Read on for more...

Is last minute really cheaper than early bird? If you want the cheapest deals for a 2024

Holidaymakers could save hundreds of pounds by booking next year's summer getaway early rather than leaving it to the last minute, new research by Which? Travel has revealed. But it's wise not to book too early. Here are the findings in full for July trips to Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, mainland Spain and the Canary Islands...

NASA's new passenger jet prototype is expected to go as fast as Mach 4 or 3,300 mph. The proposed passenger jet program will be based on NASA's quiet X-59 supersonic tests

The U.S and the EU have given the green light for the rollout of 5G on planes. Travel expert Nicky Kelvin (pictured) makes the argument both for and against it...

Jo Kessel documented her four-night voyage along the section of the Danube that cuts through Austria aboard Riverside Mozart, the first ship operated by Riverside Luxury Cruises.

Timmis pedalled 3,956 miles from Cabo da Roca in Portugal to Ufa, Russia. It took him 16 days - and he passed through 10 countries along the way. He spoke to MailOnline Travel about the feat...

Forget speed bumps! The French village where SQUIGGLY LINES have been painted on roads to

The markings were painted on road sections leading into a T junction in the village of Baune, which lies near the city of Angers in the country's Maine-et-Loire region. Proving controversial, one social media user said the lines were 'destabilizing' to drive over, while another suggested they could be 'dangerous'.

Aleksi Yllasjarvi, 34, makes buildings and enormous statues from ice blocks he cuts out of a frozen river - just like the ice harvesters in the opening scene of Frozen.

Paula Camila from the Dominican Republic travelled to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia last Friday but she was denied entry to the US by border officials.

Caroline Kneitz, 34, told that she was helping to crew a boat from Kenya to Dubai when things started to go wrong during the journey, and it was 'like a scene from The Perfect Storm.'

Simply referred to as 'Al,' the 82-year-old outdoorsman from the state of Washington stars in a short film made by YouTuber DiegoTriesHard, showing off his 40-acre eco-friendly home.

A passenger has sparked furious outrage after she revealed she refused to switch seats with a 10-year-old boy after his parents left him in economy so they could lounge in first class.

Swiss-led Marchi Mobile has developed a game-changing RV with all things VIP including a 6ft 6 bed, supplied by the Royal Family's very own bed manufacturer.

It's Hi-de-SkyPark! Light-up slides, the UK's longest seesaw - this £2.5 million

Joanna Tweedy describes the new SkyPark, which was unveiled in Skegness this spring, as 'a playground so amped up it feels as if it's landed from the future'. She adds: 'Butlin's three UK sites, Skegness, Minehead and Bognor Regis, now firmly rival Center Parcs for the UK holiday park dollar, thanks to investment in recent years, keeping founder Sir Billy Butlin's original vision buoyant in the 21st century.'

CEO Jens Ritter, who has been running the airline since April 2022, opened up about the experience on LinkedIn, sharing pictures of himself in traditional crew uniform.

The luxury hotel, spa and golf resort, which lies in the heart of Perthshire, was given the 'Art of Hospitality' award by the prestigious The World's 50 Best Hotels awards 2023.

Some beach-goers love the hustle and bustle of a crowded beach, while others prefer a secluded stretch of sand. Whatever your preference, there's an English beach for you.

The ancient crossing links a route between Wales and England from around half a mile upstream of Chepstow to the village of Tutshill in Gloucestershire.

Coach holidays are a great way for solo travellers to meet others and be sociable on trips. Here, we round up some of the best without significant extra charges for travelling solo.

If you're plotting a solo adventure, here's our pick of the best tour companies to choose from, with everything from laid-back beach breaks to city escapes on offer...

Israel is in flux, but it's as vibrant as ever - whether you're floating in the Dead Sea,

Angela Epstein finds that Israel is a place where the 'welcome is palpable'. She reveals: 'Its people are inquisitive, direct and just utterly thrilled you want to visit.' Angela details how you can visit the country's 'three seas' during a visit, noting: 'Thanks to the country's diminutive size - less than 300 miles from tip to toe - visiting each "sea" is easily done in one road trip.'

Charlotte reveals that the island, just off the coast of La Rochelle, has more than 60 gentle miles of bicycle paths 'which thread through vineyards, pine forests and salt marshes'.

The Eddystone Inn and its 'beautiful pebble cove' lie in the seaside village of Heybrook Bay in the South Devon Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The jaw-dropping finalists of the 2023 Ocean Photographer of the Year awards revealed,

The prestigious annual contest is described as 'a celebration of our beautiful blue planet as well as a platform to highlight the many plights it is facing'. Thousands of photographers entered photographs into this year's competition, showing the full spectrum of ocean life with everything from aerial imagery to underwater photography. They span from the Red Sea to the waters of Antarctica...

A jagged land of glaciers, gentoo and giant petrels is one of the most remote places on Earth. King Edward Point is the smallest 'capital city' in the world by population.

Pie in the sky! Eye-popping video shows 'brave' couple dining on a picnic table that's suspended 295ft over a thundering waterfall

In the head-spinning footage, Florida native Christianna Hurt and her rapper boyfriend can be seen sipping on wine and tucking into a picnic spread while hanging over Cascata da Sepultura, a waterfall in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. They booked the experience through local adventure firm Rota Aventura, which describes it as 'a non-traditional picnic in the middle of the most beautiful waterfall there is'.

Michaela Miller, 18, from Sugarcreek, Ohio, shrieked as an ostrich and bison tried to get some grub during the trip to Farm Walnut Creek with her boyfriend Toby Tatka, 18, last month.

The Holiday Guru is here to answer travellers' questions. This week he also tackles a query about easyJet flight delay compensation and another about passport validity...

Find Florida's refined side: Nature reserves, quiet beaches, courteous locals - Fort Myers

During his time in this corner of south-west Florida, Mark Porter explores some of the islands near Fort Myers, as well as the city itself. He says that Fort Myers 'was put on the map by, among others, those leading lights of the American industrial revolution, Henry Ford and inventor Thomas Edison'. Ford and Edison had neighbouring summer houses in the city, he reveals.

Echoing Marilyn Monroe's iconic little white dress moment, a short-eared owl has been captured with its feathers ruffled in a strikingly familiar fashion.

Sensational seaside swimming - in total safety! Lavish new photo book reveals the world's

Showcasing 66 'saltwater sanctuaries' around the world, Sea Pools by Chris Romer-Lee is said to be 'a celebration of sea-swimming'. 'Whether they are hewn from rock or cast onto a natural rock shelf these pools always solve a problem: providing safe access to water,' Romer-Lee writes in his tome. He adds that there's an 'unfettered joy to be found in entering sheltered tidal waters cradled by a concrete or rock enclosure, protected from the turbulent sea beyond the walls and yet still being nourished by rich saltwater and marine life'.

This gallery of images from around the world by Bored Panda showcases disastrous building and renovation projects. In Colombia, a woman is trying to reach a phone which is too high for her.

Flight expert and YouTuber 'Nonstop Dan' secured a £6,000 'Suites' seat on an A380 flight from Frankfurt to New York. He admits that trying to show all the features on video proves 'overwhelming'...

Individuality, the standard of housekeeping and the 'all-important' breakfast offering were some of the deciding factors in crowning the best British B&Bs, the AA reveals.

Mum reveals genius packing hacks to get a week's worth of clothing into a small carry-on rucksack - and she promises it'll save you 'hundreds' on 'extortionate' airline baggage fees

Jenna Carr, who goes by the name 'The Travel Mum' on TikTok, says: 'Budget airlines allow you to bring a free "personal item" on board... each passenger, including children, gets their own rucksack.' The mum of one, from Worksop, Nottinghamshire, adds: 'Over time the hundreds of pounds you save on luggage really adds up. By making a few changes to how we travel as a family we've been able to travel so much more.'

The ranking is based on hotel searches made via Mallorca is one of four Spanish destinations on the list...

Royal Caribbean's floating city, Icon of the Seas, sailed hundreds of miles before returning to the Meyer Turku shipyard in Turku, Finland, where she's under construction.

You've been eating croissants all wrong! Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals how to consume the pastries (and says the French habit of dipping them in coffee is a no-no)

Eating croissants is a national pastime in France, but the French love of dipping them in coffee isn't acceptable in Britain - 'or indeed high society anywhere', according to etiquette expert William Hanson. He added: 'It's a practice best reserved for when at home. With the curtains closed.'

It only takes the slightest slip-up to turn a dream holiday into a nightmare. As travellers have been revealing in an online forum after a user asked, 'What's the dumbest travel mistake you've made?'

Should you greet people with kisses? Remove your shoes indoors? Offer to pay the bill at

Making a bad impression is clearly a common concern for travellers - this year, there has been a 52 per cent increase in Google searches for 'what is offensive in Europe'. Help is at hand via the language experts at Preply, who have created a 'European Etiquette Guide' to help you brush up on your European customs ahead of a trip to the continent.

Photos of bizarre kitchen implements from around the world have been collated into a gallery by Brightside. Have you ever seen a meat holder or a pumpkin carving scoop?

An enchanted place! The home of Winnie-the-Pooh and co has glorious walks, unusual

Clive Aslet explores Ashdown Forest, the setting of A.A. Milne's famous stories about his son Christopher Robin and his toys, Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and Pooh bear. He describes it as a 'magical corner of East Sussex, between East Grinstead and Crowborough'. Clive adds: 'Although the South-East of England is one of the most densely populated areas of Europe, this remains a place of open vistas, where you can walk and wonder.'

Elvis stayed in Bad Nauheim while serving in the 1st Medium Tank Battalion. Check into Room 10 (pictured) in the town's Hotel Villa Grunewald and you can sleep in his bed.

Derek Burwell, 83, has been making the 272 yard line track, which comes complete with mini engines built by hand and a whole host of authentic railway signs and a 100-year-old signal, since 1993

The 50 best rooftop bars in Europe for 2023 revealed - and a drinking spot hidden atop a

The list also includes a laid-back beachside boozer in Spain, a 'slick' cocktail bar in Reykjavik, a stylish Lisbon hotel bar and a 'blockbuster rooftop bar' in France. Here we delve into what makes each bar in the top 10 so special - and reveal the entire top 50 ranking...

British Expat is slamming a 'f****ing stupid' Aussie for fishing on the banks of a river in Far North Queensland while a large saltwater crocodile lays on the sand behind him.

Belgium's medieval marvels: Brussels, Ghent and Bruges can all be reached by rail from the

Annabelle Thorpe discovers that you can easily visit Ghent, Brussels and Burges in less than a week, as 'journeys between each city take no more than hour'. However, one of the three stands out as her favourite. Why? She says: 'There's a quirkiness to the city, with its bohemian backstreet quarters, dimly-lit bars and unexpected virtual reality tours.' Read on to discover which one it is...

It might have a population of only 50 people, but Adrian Bennett made his dream come true by moving from Bradford, England, to the tiny dusty town of Silverton in the NSW outback.

One expert called the finding of Knights Templar graves at the church 'a major discovery' and said there could be more waiting to be identified.

You've been stirring your tea all wrong! Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals the 'rookie mistake' most people make when mixing milk and sugar in one's cuppa

There is perhaps nothing more quintessentially British than enjoying a cup of tea. But etiquette expert William Hanson has some advice about how to stir one that may shock many Britons. In a viral Instagram clip, he reveals what the 'rookie mistake' is...

Many itineraries for southern Africa only allow for a night or two in Victoria Falls. Nigel Tisdall experiences some of the activities on offer there that make a longer stay worth while.

When the day came for Roxy Danckwerts to say goodbye to Bumi, Moyo and five others she has rehabilitated and raised at her elephant nursery in Zimbabwe, it was a bittersweet moment.

Lead the way, Fido! A 4,000-mile journey to Athens and back with a dog requires planning -

Mark Edmonds enjoys the 'sybaritic pleasures of train travel' as he journeys on an Interrail pass through Europe with his beloved Spaniel. He writes: '[She] was in her element - stroked and fussed over incessantly by other passengers'.

Jaw-dropping footage has captured the moment that a gigantic iceberg collapsed and flipped over just metres away from daring tourists in Svalbard, Norway.

The Italian, who has not yet been identified, was chased by the waiter to the carpark of the eatery in the glamourous French Riviera resort and told his 500 euro tip 'wasn't enough'.

Pictured: Mattel's first-ever theme park, opening in Arizona in 2024 complete with a

Construction is already underway on Mattel Adventure Park, which will open at the VAI Resort hotel complex near Phoenix. Another attraction is themed around Masters of the Universe action figures, while a fourth is inspired by Thomas the Tank Engine. A statement declares: 'We promise, you've never seen a park quite like this one.'

Travel expert Chelsea Dickenson made TikTok videos demonstrating whether the bags could be squeezed into the sizers for the three popular airlines.

The picture was discovered in the files of a zoology organisation and shows a large muscular black cat lying in long grass in Smallthorne, Staffordshire.

From the 'Hamptons of Istanbul' to a mind-blowing cliffside monastery and a time-capsule

Turkey really does have it all - as we reveal here. Our list will take you back in time, to places that feel like another planet - and to locations that feel like sheer heaven. It's a showstopper-only inventory of places to visit guaranteed to fire up the wanderlust in even the most jaded of travellers. Read on for more...

We have compiled examples of the lowest prices on comparison websites, as well as a table showing the average costs for providers across to get you the best deal.

Louis, from Norfolk, was walking along the beach with his wife and toddler when he spotted the glisten of fish scales along the shore.

Air India reveals a sneak peek video of brand-new cabins, with every class reimagined as part of a mammoth £315million fleet upgrade

The carrier said that the refurbishment programme of its fleet of 43 wide-bodied legacy aircraft will begin in mid-2024. The 'fly-through' video shows viewers the all-new first class, business, premium economy and economy cabins in a Boeing 777-300ER.

Spanish port city Valencia tops the charts with an impressive destination score of 91 per cent. Visitors heaped praise on the city's beaches, said Which?, rating them a full five stars out of five.

Eurostar first class vs standard: Travel experts film a high-speed rail trip from London to Paris in the priciest and cheapest seats to see if a £130-plus 'business premier' upgrade is worth it

Ever wondered what it's like to travel in Eurostar's swankiest class - business premier? Two travel experts from The Points Guy lift the veil, and reveal whether it's worth paying the extra, which can be over £130 more than standard class. The pair film their experiences in business premier class and standard on a trip from London to Paris. Read on for more, from barely noticeable recline functions and food that 'looks like a bucket of sick' to swanky lounges and free onboard Champagne.

A woman has shamed Ryanair for charging her elderly parents £110 to print off their boarding passes.nThe infuriated daughter took to Twitter under the username @old_school_alps.

Former flight attendant Jay Robert explains why accidentally activating an emergency slide 'is a mistake that flight attendants dread' - and the problems that mistake causes passengers.

Expectation... versus reality! Travellers reveal what picture-perfect holiday hotspots can REALLY be like, from 'super-claustrophobic' Italian towns to the 'rainy and windy' Maldives

Social media is jampacked with flawless holiday snaps - but it's worth taking these glossy posts with a pinch of salt. That's the message shared by a handful of TikTokers who have taken it upon themselves to reveal how some of the world's most beloved holiday hotspots can be a bit of a letdown.

Shocked holidaymakers have been taking to social media to share videos and photos of substandard accommodation offerings. Feast your eyes on the wacky and weird side of vacation rentals.

Memories of a trepidatious climb came flooding back this week as drone footage of 27-year-old Pakistani Muhammad Hassan's dying moments on the slopes of the K2 mountain went viral.

Sarah Bridge says that a trip to Egypt 'can catapult you forward and backwards thousands of years in an instant'. Here she breaks down why you should visit for yourself...

In a trip that 'transports you back to a bygone era', Jo Kessel travels from London towards the South Coast on a heritage train hauled by an 80-year-old engine named Braunton.

The America and Europe of yesteryear: Fascinating new Evelyn Hofer photobook takes you

Roam American and European cities of yesteryear, courtesy of this beautiful new photobook. Eyes on the City, published by DelMonico Books, showcases more than 100 images by legendary photographer Evelyn Hofer, time-capsule photos that show urban landscapes and people going about their daily lives in the postwar era - the 1950s and 1960s. DelMonico Books says: 'The photographs feature landscapes and architectural views combined with portraiture, conveying the unique character and personality of these urban capitals during a period of intense structural, social and economic transformations after World War II.'



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