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Harry and Meghan's new campaign to win Hollywood over? Sussexes are all smiles as they are

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance at Kevin Costner's 'One805 Live!' event, held at his $26 million polo field, a charity event held to raise money for local first responders.  The event was hosted at the oceanside estate of Kevin and Christine Costner in Summerland and included a notable guest list, including Oprah among other senior officials and celebrities.  Upon their arrival, the Duke and Duchess were spotted backstage chatting it up with Costner and his VIP guests, including local police and firefighting service officials. 

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Horrifying moment 14ft alligator is caught dragging human corpse in its MOUTH down Florida canal before being shot dead

A Florida alligator was found with a dead body clamped between its jaws as it made its way down a canal near Clearwater. The gator could be see dragging its prey much to the horror of local residents some of whom began filming the shocking incident. Emergency responders, along with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission successfully removed the alligator from the water and subsequently euthanized it. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office was able to retrieve the victim's body from the water although the victim has yet to be identified.


Last night Brand broke his silence since the claims came to light, claiming he has faced an 'extraordinary and distressing week' after accusations of rape and sexual assault.

A DailyMail.com reporter was scammed after a Spectrum sales rep gave him a number for what he thought was the firm's billing team. Instead, it inadvertently led him to a conniving conman...

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Mary Futher, or Madame Sweat on TikTok, is a cleaning expert who has revealed how to clean your armpits the right way - while detailing how to scrub away yesterday's deodorant.


To combat Disease X - as the WHO calls it - we will once again need vaccines to be engineered and delivered in record time. But, as things stand, there is no guarantee that will happen.


Until now she could only be identified as 'ST' - even after her death last week - because of draconian reporting restrictions which had shrouded her case in secrecy.

Myths surrounding the undead date back to as early as the 11th century in eastern Europe, and it is not uncommon for skeletons bearing the marks of superstitions to be unearthed.


Gisele Bundchen, 43, admits overwhelming stress during her modeling career led to her fantasizing about 'jumping out of the window' in new candid interview

Gisele Bundchen got candid about overwhelming stress that she had faced during her modeling career which led to her fantasizing about 'jumping out of the window' at one point. The Brazilian-born beauty, 43, who recently revealed that she was 'just surviving' before divorcing Tom Brady, opened up about the emotional topic in a snippet of her upcoming interview with Lee Cowan for CBS News Sunday Morning. The mother of two launched her professional modeling career during New York Fashion Week in 1996 - when she was just 16-years-old.

Kim, 42, uploaded a picture of a shiny oceanside landscape painting which she claimed her daughter North, 10, painted. Some users accused her of lying about its true artist.


NEW The United Auto Workers union expanded its strikes on Friday to include 38 General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution centers in 20 states across the country.   

The head of Baltimore City Schools is under fire after early results for the city's state testing saw almost 75 percent of students at 13 schools test the lowest possible score, with no 'proficient' results.


A doctor working for the US government visited the Wuhan facility which has faced questions over the origins of Covid-19 and raised safety concerns almost two years before the start of the pandemic.

A Hill to die on: Map reveals how old every state's elected officials are compared to their constituents amid calls for term limits... so use our interactive tool to see what age YOUR representatives are

NEW Age has become a central issue this election cycle following a spate of high-profile 'senior moments' including two Mitch McConnell freeze episodes. Aside from Joe Biden , 80, and Donald Trump , 77,  US politicians on Capitol Hill are older than ever, and there are growing calls for term limits in the House and Senate. Some politicians such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley have been outspoken about supporting age, claiming that politicians are increasingly too old to represent their constituents.

A mum complained on British parenting platform Mumsnet that her daughters friend overstays her welcome and uses my expensive beauty products and ensuite instead of the family bathroom


A woman who works on a cruise ship has revealed how much she spends each day on board, and it's a lot cheaper than you would think.

New Orleans declares state of emergency as saltwater creeps up drought-stricken Mississippi river and threatens drinking water for nearly 900,000 residents who fear they may have to move out

A saltwater intrusion in the water supply that's pumped out of the Mississippi river is threatening the drinking water of nearly 900,000 residents, who now must rethink everyday activities like brushing teeth, washing dishes and laundering clothes. The ongoing drought conditions in Louisiana mixed with saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico moving north is causing 'saltwater intrusion,' and posing a threat to the water supply in the surrounding neighborhoods within the coming weeks.


The Indiana woman who was sent flying into the air when her son rammed his car into her during a high-speed police pursuit has been pictured.

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EXCLUSIVE: Bob Saget's widow Kelly Rizzo, 44, reveals how she overcame brutal 'guilt'

NEW The 44-year-old actress was left widowed on January 9, 2022 when the Full House actor died, aged 65, following a freak head injury in his Florida hotel room, hours after coming off stage from a stand-up show. Speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com, Kelly admitted that she is now in a place where she feels comfortable with the idea of falling in love again after previously being wracked with guilt - revealing that she kept imagining her late husband's reaction if he discovered that she was moving on.

While Michael Caine became our greatest living British movie star, John Standing trod the boards and devoted his life to the stage. Now, in the twilight of their careers, the pair are reunited in a new film.

EXCLUSIVE A passenger with a life-threatening food allergy said she feared for her life aboard a flight, after claiming cabin crew refused to remove food and drink items.


Couple who bought a home from Utah grief mom accused of murdering her husband with

Alec and Taryn Wright (right) from Utah say they face financial ruin after they bought a house (bottom inset) from children's grief author Kouri Richins (left) which was full of mold. The couple began their lawsuit against Richins and her realty firm in November 2021, about six months before she was charged with her husband's murder on March 4, 2022.  'There was no trying to right any of the wrongs that she had thrown at us. We're just innocent bystanders in her path of destruction,' Taryn said. The grief author is accused of poisoning husband Eric Richins, 39, (together top inset) by slipping five times the lethal dose of fentanyl into a Moscow mule cocktail she made for him last year. After her husband's death, the mother of three self-published a children's book titled 'Are You With Me?' about a deceased father wearing angel wings who watched over his sons.

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez Googled how much a kilo of gold is worth numerous times amid an alleged bribery scheme he and his wife were involved in.

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez denied the corruption charges against him and claimed he is being 'falsely accused' because he is a 'Latin American' who rose to the United States Senate.

Man, 32, reveals how he became completely debt-free by living in CARS for years - saving so much money he paid for a home in CASH and no longer needs a job to survive

NEW Nicholas Bauer, from Coolidge, appeared in a recent episode of Big Super Living In Arizona, which takes a 'look at America's affordable housing.' He showcased a series of vehicles he lived in throughout his 20s which he still keeps on his two-acre 'paid-off compound.' The self-described 'full-time desert dweller,' who now lives in a mobile home alongside his girlfriend and daughter, revealed that he has now saved up so much money living off-grid that he does not have to work.

Ian Wilkinson has been released from hospital after spending weeks recovering from a poisonous mushroom lunch that claimed the lives of three others including his wife.

A sex worker who specialised in BDSM and torture has given up her life of 'sin' to become a Sunday school teacher - and says the parents are her biggest supporters.

Lauren Boebert reveals she has 'peacefully parted ways' with frisky Beetlejuice theater guy after groping scandal, denies having too much to drink on date and blames cameras for spying on her

Lauren Boebert (middle) has revealed she has 'peacefully parted ways' with Quinn Gallagher (right) after the pair were caught on camera fondling each other (footage top left)  at a Denver performance of Beetlejuice , and were kicked out (footage bottom left) of the theater. The Colorado Congresswoman apologized to her constituents and denied being drunk at the time of the incident. Asked whether she was still with her date, Gallagher, Boebert revealed how the pair had broken up. The Aspen bar owner, however, may not have got the memo when DailyMail.com caught up with him earlier. Boebert insisted that they are now just friends. 'He's a very nice man but right now, all future dates have been canceled with him and everyone else. I have work to do,' she said.

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Satish Malhotra will see his annual salary of $925,000 reduced to $832,500 for six months starting on October 1, the company confirmed in a regulatory filing last week.

Deputy prime minister Oliver Dowden He was addressing the UN General Assembly in a speech on the topic ahead of the UK hosting an AI summit this autumn.

Heartbreaking moment family from Netflix's 'Take Care of Maya' breaks down in tears as court plays 911 call dad made after wife's suicide: Family sues Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital for $220million

The Kowalski family from Netflix's 'Take Care of Maya' broke down in tears as the 911 call after Beata's death was replayed in court before the jury as the first witnesses in the close to eight week trial took the stand. Maya Kowalski, 17, was placed into state custody for three months after doctors at Florida's Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital (JHACH) raised concern that her parents were faking symptoms of her debilitating complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Florida's Department of Children and Families (DCF) and a state judge supported hospital staff's suspicions of 'child medical abuse' and placed Maya under DCF custody and she was housed at JHACH. Maya's brother Kyle Kowalski, uncle Robert Rynes, neighbor and teacher took the stand on Friday to give testimony. As Rynes testified, jurors heard the harrowing 911 call made by Maya's father Jack after he discovered his wife Beata had hanged herself in the family's garage. As the harrowing audio played, video footage from the court showed Kyle, Jack and Maya weeping as they listened to the call. 

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'The president was speaking from the heart': Karine Jean-Pierre's bizarre defense when asked if Biden repeating the same story - word-for-word - within minutes is a 'concern'

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Friday that President Joe Biden was 'speaking from his heart' when he repeated the same story twice at a Wednesday night fundraiser in New York City. Jean-Pierre was twice asked Friday about Biden's flub - said in a room without cameras rolling but with several journalists present due to rules about covering 2024 finance events.

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President Joe Biden will visit striking auto workers on the picket line in Michigan on Tuesday - one day before Donald Trump stops in Detroit to do the same.

The White House brought 26-year-old House member Maxwell Frost to join President Biden and VP Harris as they launched a new office on gun violence prevention.

NIALL FERGUSON: I urged Biden to run for President in 2016, now I implore him to do the smart thing and retire

NIALL FERGUSON: The first Democratic presidential primary election in South Carolina is on February 3. The Democratic convention is August 19-22. At some point between now and the latter date, my hunch is that Sleepy Joe will make way for Slick Gavin. But first Biden has to wake up to the fact that otherwise Donald Trump is going to win. That, too, has been done before - by Grover Cleveland, who served two non-consecutive terms in the 1880s and 1890s. The more Democrats imagine Trump repeating that feat, the greater the pressure on Biden to do one last smart thing. Retire.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley floated Friday that President Joe Biden was worse than Britain's King George III, whose behavior sparked the American Revolution.

Biden holds a wide lead over his Democratic primary opponents in New Hampshire, and leads Trump by eight points. In a new poll 62 per cent said they would be dissatisfied if Trump were reelected.

The Murdoch struggle for Succession isn't over - and it's sister Elisabeth who holds the

As ever, the fashionable watering hole of London's media elites was abuzz with lively mid-week chatter, but even among these sophisticates the presence of the three Murdochs together stilled conversations. They were in town to mark the success of a deal the media tycoon had struck, yet at the table with its crisp white cloth and freshly cut flowers, family tensions were palpable. One of the guests that evening recalled the very different tone Murdoch senior adopted when addressing his two sons. 'With James there was this sense almost of contempt coming from the older man at what he had to say,' the guest said. 'When he talked to Lachlan, on the other hand, there was an altogether different and warmer quality to his responses.'

JEFFREY ARCHER: There has only been one attempt to steal the Crown Jewels, by Colonel Blood in 1671, and he was caught even before he and his conspirators could escape from the Tower.

Jean Pierre Conte is sued by ex-girlfriend who claims he 'beat her naked body' in their

Jean Pierre Conte is being sued by his former girlfriend Hillary Thomas, after claiming he 'beat her naked body' as she 'begged for her life' in January 2022. Thomas filed a lawsuit against Conte in Colorado , and also claimed that after she refused to continue their relationship he launched a smear campaign against her. The suit asks for an unspecified amount in damages from Conte, who is the head of Genstar Capital, a firm worth $49 billion.

Migrants are raking in $3,000 a month as they work illegally as delivery drivers and send

Asylum seekers in New York City have been working without work permits while living at The Roosevelt Hotel, where they get free food, bedding and even cleaners. The historic Manhattan tower, dubbed 'the new Ellis Island' by one city official - has become the registering point for the migrants who arrive by bus in the city after crossing the US-Mexico border in Texas. Many of them have been bused north by Republican governors fed up with what they are open-arms policies by Democrats. The hotel is among many in Manhattan that have been designated to house migrant families with children, who have started attending schools in midtown. The city is currently paying about $385 a night per migrant family that needs housing and feeding. According to Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, asylum seekers are costing the city roughly $10 million every day.

More than 300,000 migrants attempted to cross into the United States in August, surpassing the national record, as the White House says border number ebb and flow.

Hundreds of migrants have flooded into New York City's The Roosevelt Hotel overnight to be processed and given shelter.

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Stunning photos show NYC's iconic mom-and-pop shops from an Italian restaurant frequented

A new book from husband-and-wife photography duo James and Karla Murray celebrates the aesthetics and history of hundreds of these small stores that have long served specific communities. They include Vesuvio bakery on Prince Street which has been serving pastries for 102 years, Brooklyn's oldest Italian restaurant, Bamonte's, which was once a mafia haunt and Ray's Candy Store in the East Village - a favorite of celebrities. Some of the storefronts pictured in the book have shuttered since they were captured by the team. Many of them didn't make it to the last decade, and many more didn't make it through the downturned economy of the pandemic. The Murrays told DailyMail.com they wanted their book, Store Front NYC: Photographs of the City's Independent Shops, Past and Present , to preserve their memories and promote those that still exist.

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Democratic Dallas mayor switches to the REPUBLICANS: Leader of one America's fastest

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson announced Friday that he is switching to the Republican Party, making the city the largest in the U.S. to be led by a GOP mayor. Although mayoral offices in Texas are nonpartisan, the switch is a boost for Texas Republicans who have been losing ground around the state's major cities for more than a decade.


Harry Potter star looks unrecognisable after two-year spell in prison

This star looks nothing like he did as a child actor in the Harry Potter films. The 34-year-old's teenaged face would be instantly recognisable to fans of the films based on the JK Rowling books. But after a spell in prison, the troubled star has not acted again.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mom of two-year-old girl who walked off with her dogs before being found asleep

Brooke Chase, 25, (inset) revealed to DailyMail.com the heart stopping moment she and her husband Alex, 24, realized Thea (right) had gone missing. The family is currently living at Thea's uncle, Marcus', remote home in Faithorn in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the two-year-old been 'shadowing him' while he worked in the yard. When police finally found the young girl, Brooke said she'd been sleeping on Marcus' female Springer Spaniel, Hartley, (together right) while her own dog, a male Rottweiler named Buddy, (left) kept watch. The dogs have been with the family since they were puppies, with the Chase family often posting pictures of Thea and Ryker with their, now enormous, Rottweiler.


Trudeau's accusations over the June 18 killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a 45-year-old Sikh separatist, have sparked a widening rift between Canada and India and tit-for-tat of diplomatic expulsions.

Excited bride-to-be Cortney Ward has gone viral for her proposal video. In the clip shared to TikTok, she's seen pulling her engagement ring out of it's box as her fiancé was proposing.

'Full Hulk Guy' is BANNED from Michigan golf course where he ripped off his shirt and ordered woman to 'get the f*** off the cart': Also barred from nearby resort

John Reeb, 41, left and right) from Ohio, has been banned from the golf course where he erupted. The golfer lost his cool after he became embroiled in an on-course spat, with an astonishing clip showing him tearing off his shirt Hulk-style, flexing his muscles and challenging fellow players to fight him. But the player, who has an extensive criminal past but is said to be a talented golfer, could be even more angry now after being banned for life from Crooked Creek Golf Course in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. The general manager of the facility, Heather Ryan, kicked him off the course permanently due to his disturbing behavior.

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith was not living down his poor attempt at a first pitch prior to Thursday night's game between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays.


Nebraska mom is jailed for two years for giving daughter, 17, pills to trigger abortion

Jessica Burgess, 42, was sentence to two years in prison for helping her daughter obtain an abortion. Her daughter Celeste was 17 at the time when she illegally terminated her pregnancy. Prosecutors found Facebook messages between the two discussing how to use the abortion pill. Celeste was sentenced to 90 days in prison in July and has since been released.

In an exclusive interview, Usher, 44, one of the biggest R&B stars in the world, tells Alex Hawgood about his bromance with Beckham, getting behind Bieber, dealing with loss and much more.

Terrifying moment three armed robbers swarm elderly Dallas man's BMW outside his $1.1M home after watching him make bank withdrawal and following him home

Mark Gardner found himself surrounded by three men as he pulled into the driveway of his property in Dallas, Texas , on Tuesday. Footage shows the terrifying moment that three men jumped out of a silver vehicle and surrounded his blue BMW. All three pull out weapons and point them at Garner, 73, and his stepson who was in the vehicle at the time. They start to tap on the window with the muzzle of the firearm, as one attempted to hide his identity by clutching a coat to his face.


These locations and productions are presented in a series of paired photographs, so fans can compare the real-world attractions with how they've been reinterpreted by Disney.

EXCLUSIVE: An animal charity which is now looking after the elderly dog called Bethowen believe he was deliberately starved and spent his entire life chained up.

Inside Britain's Area 51: The secluded RAF base where UFO hunters believe it government

EXCLUSIVE: A former top secret military base dubbed Britain's Area 51 has become a magnet for UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists after lying abandoned for more than 20 years.Fed-up locals have complained that the eerie RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire has been plagued by break-ins after remaining sealed off behind security fences topped with razor wire.



Kate Middleton cuts a corporate figure as she wears suits for her six most recent

Marking a change from her usual pleated skirts and pencil dresses, Kate Middleton , 41, has opted for business attire during her recent royal visits across the UK. The wardrobe switch-up seemingly aligns with the revolutionary announcement from Prince William , 41, and Kate earlier this week- the hiring of a Chief Executive Officer to run their household of approximately 60 staff.

Oklahoma judge, Brian Lovell, was arrested in Austin, Texas, over allegations he discharged a firearm at parked cars while driving, colliding with at least one woman's car.

Vince Sjodin (pictured), 50, showed off the giant 4ft long vegetable at the UK National Giant Vegetables Championship in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Every natural disaster to have hit since sighting of ominous 'earthquake' fish: World is

Since the eerie 'earthquake' fish was seen floating off the coast of Taiwan in July, fears of impending natural disaster have sparked.   The giant oarfish, nicknamed 'doomsday fish' was spotted floating mysteriously upright near Ruifang District in Taipei - its bulging round eyes adding to its creepy demeanour. Here, MailOnline explores every natural disaster since the ominous fish was spotted.


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Colombia's notorious 'hot judge' gets a lap dance during courthouse Valentine's Day event in shocking video - as she claims footage was released in 'plot' to get her fired

The footage captures Heidy Polanía, 34, as the center of attention as a shirtless man gyrates over her during a Valentine's Day event last Friday. In Colombia, the date is marked in September. The male stripper at one point performed an obscene sex act as the courthouse staff cheered them on. Polanía told local media she is now getting nonstop threats on social media as she attempted to dismiss the outrage over the 'lively' party. The jurist clarified that the man in the video is not a stripper, rather a waiter at a local waffle restaurant in Cucúta. It is the latest scandal after Polanía was suspended last year for three months for appearing semi-naked during a Zoom court hearing where she was seen lying in bed smoking a cigarette.

Fitness fanatic who lost 65LBS reveals the at-home ab workout that helped her eliminate

Michelle, an influencer known as @michworksout, has more than 823,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares tips about fitness and eating on a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet. The content creator recently went viral after demonstrating the workouts she did to tone her lower belly after embarking on her weight loss journey six years ago. She noted in the on-screen text that she does each of the six exercises for 30 seconds and repeats the sequence three times with 90-second breaks in between. The entire routine takes just 12 minutes.